General help required. Please someone tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel

This is my first attempt to use Wordpress / X theme.

I have to say that so far it is the worst platform combination of platforms I have every encountered. In the last 18 hours since I set it up I have achieved nothing. I could have built 5 small full sites on any other platform I have every used in that time frame. Frankly I find it shockingly bad.

Anyway Here I am stuck with it now and I need to try and get my head around it. Have even found that general searches of the web have been very unhelpful;pful; in trying to figure out the most basic tasks I am trying to do. It is incredibly unintuitive and I am struggling with just about everything so far, where as every other application I ever used was so easy, even Dreamweaver and Fireworks were easier than this.

Let’s start with his one.

I am trying to load all the supplied templates into a test page in Cornerstone.


when I click on LOSD TEMPLATE, I get a drop down with 5 standard templates.

I have been to the main menu and then TEMPLATES and I have downloaded all the available templates to look at them, both individually and all at once “ALL TEMPLATES”.

I have now gone back to CONTENT selected my test page and am back in edit mode on that page.

I have downloaded a single fill “ALL TEMPLATES” When I go back to try to insert this file containing about 68 templates into the LOAD TEMPLATE section, all that is available are repetitions of the original 5 templates. I have done this so many times already this morning and Im entirely unable to get the ALL Templates file to load up.

I am completely out of patience and would love for someone to tell me convincingly that I have not completely wasted my time and money investing on this platform because right now it is driving me crazy.

This is only one of many seemingly insurmountable issues I have come across in the last 18 hours.



Hello Lain,

Thank you for the very detailed post information.

Generally, the templates in X > Templates will display all templates which includes 5 starter content (page) templates and several number of element presets.

The presets can be used in each of the element that you may insert in your page. If what you are looking is a demo contents, you may install the demo contents instead.

For more details about the corresponding feature, please check it out below:

And the rest of the knowledge base articles can be access from here:

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

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