General complaints X theme updates and Cornerstone

Hello Support,

Although I was really happy to work with the X theme and Cornerstone. That all changed some time ago since the new elements and Cornerstone were introduced. It’s all working super buggy and inconvenient since that time.

The list is too long to write down! But basically the whole workflow is messed up, conflicts in Cornerstone pages not loading properly, elements dissapearing when you click them.
No part “highlighted” anymore so you can see which element you are working with in cornerstone in liveview.

Envira plugin complaining about the not valid license.


I guess most things are already known on your side but I and I am guessing with me a lot of other people would like to know when things will get better again?

It’s really a pity and such a shame that such a good theme is being ruined at the moment.

Please provide us with a satisfying answer.

With kind regards,


Yup, have to say I agree with Jeroen. Updates have really messed up loads of pages. Some pages I’ve had to redo from scratch. Really frustrating. Really disappointing. Really need to know when normality will be resumed.


This happens often – I try not to update X until I really have to because I don’t want to test out a new version on my site. You have no idea how bad it’s going to be until you update.

Yes, also having the same issue.
I was hoping to give X the benefit of a doubt but it’s costing me so much time.
Most elements are not saving, even though it says it’s been saved and when you go back, it’s all back to square one.
Lost a lot of work and having to redo and test. :frowning:

I’ll add my voice. Cornerstone shortcodes should be recognized by the Cornerstone. I’ve had several instances where Cornerstone failed and left my page with just shortcodes. Click on the Cornerstone tab completely strips the page and you have to start over. I really used to love this whole package, but am getting so frustrated by what’s happening. Sorry to say, but Divi looks better and better every day.

100%, absolutely zero span of control. Every update in the past couple months has put something out of wack. I understand growth and wanting to improve as we all strive for, but it should not come at the cost of all these issues…every. single. update.

I am worried that I might have to leave this theme behind as I can no longer trust the reliability and consistency.

Hi @SchoonhovenOntwerpSt,

First of all, I and my colleagues are here to help. If it is needed to have a satisfying answer we need to have more context and information. So that we can test each case in our installations, then compare it with your installations to see if there is a difference, that will show it is a core code issue or individual environment issue.

Then we proceed depending on the criteria above. If there is a bug that can be replicated on our side too we file a bug report and our development team will follow up the case and you will see the fix in upcoming releases.

If it is related to your environment only and we can not replicate the issue, we try to give suggestions to pinpoint the case.

So I know this may sound tedious work but will really help you and us to make our software better as we both use it and we want to have the better of it. So kindly give us the detailed information regarding the conflict point you have mentioned. Give us detailed information, the pages you are experiencing it and if needed URL/User/Pass of your website to follow up the case using the Secure Note functionality.

After we took action for the conflict problem then we will move to the other issues one by one. This will help us also to improve our software and meanwhile help you have an easier life.

Also, we periodically ask for our customer’s opinion regarding the UX and overall usage of the software such as this one:

Please be sure that you read our newsfeed to engage in conversation and make your voice heard. Our newsfeed link is:

Hi @lfBWP0608,

We would be more than happy to get into the case in details to be able to help you regarding your case. If you wanted to have your voice heard only then we will inform our management about your input, but if you need a specific help, I suggest that you open up a new thread and give us context with detailed information to follow up.

Hi @Planteater,

Thank you for putting your feedback.

Hi @vortexcyc,

This is surely a big problem that needs to be addressed. I am sure this is something related to your environment as we do not experience such a behavior. Rest assured that we will do our best and suggest troubleshooting steps to find out why this is happening in your environment. There are many factors out of the core code of our theme in place which might cause issues, unfortunately it is the nature of the web.

Kindly open up a new thread and give us the login information using the Secure Note of the post and detailed information to follow up. Please kindly make sure that you open up a new thread. If you add the information here it will be seen by the original poster of the thread.

Hi @lyrical,

Thank you for putting your feedback here. It seems that you have a specific problem which needs to be addressed. Let’s avoid adding personal preferences for a 3rd party software in our support forum and let;s get down to business and find out what is the shortcode problem you are experiencing. Kindly open up a new thread, and give us information about shortcodes you are talking about. Are you talking about third party Cornerstone addons? or the ones by the Cornerstone itself? Give us more detailed information and if needed URL/User/Password of your installation using the Secure Note functionality of the post.

Thank you all for your input.

I also am having issues with the latest xtheme/cornerstone. I still have the old versions so I stuck with them

The new cornerstone just bugs out constantly, menus dont load etc. I find cornerstone 2.0.3(or something) to be much better.

Hi @mickster58

If you are facing a specific issue, please open a new thread and provide more details.

Thank you

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