Gallery light box posibilities

Hi, is it posible to make gallery that show images like in my skech. But then i click on the foto it will zoom it and open lightbox with different little images below (thumbnails) which is not included in the gallery, just from media. How to do it?

Hi @graphictaste,

Yes it is possible. Please check this guide. Check under Gallery shortode.

Hope this helps.

But im using the grid and essential grid how to do it on it

Hey there!

I haven’t personally tried it but let me share what I’ve found.

The Grid
If you go to The Grid > Global Settings > Lightbox, you can select a Lightbox Type.

The default option is The Grid Lightbox. The other options are, by default, “not available”. Now let me direct your attention to the option that says, “ModuloBox (Premium).”

That option is very interesting. If you click the link shown below…

… you’ll be redirected to this page from the Theme One website (the creators of The Grid) Now scroll down and you’ll see an image gallery. Try clicking on the images and a lightbox appears with thumbnails below the large image - exactly the way it looks on your sketch!

So it’s possible to achieve it with The Grid but you’ll need to purchase their ModuloBox plugin.

Essential Grid
As for Essential Grid, I think these two tutorials from their website will help you achieve your desired look.

Hope this helps. Would be great to know if you’ve found success with either options. Have a great day!

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