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hello. I am trying to add a video to the homescreen of my site and am having some issues. I want the video to auto play when someone loads the site and have no controlls, kind of like how a gif would look. I used the following code but it just shows a still image when I load the page in chrome (when i right click it and select “show controlls” and then hit play it works)

<video id="introVideo" autoplay loop preload="auto">
<source type="video/mp4" src="/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/handbrake4.mp4" />

Hi Morgan,

Thank you for writing in, instead of doing that way, you can download a Revolution Slider Demo here. Choose HTML5 Video on the filter, and then import that to your site, and put your video in it.

You can install Revolution Slider under X > Validations > Extensions

Import / Export / Replace
Slider Revolution WordPress 5.x Documentation

After you have successfully set up your slider, add that to your page in the top section. Or add it as a Featured Slider Below Masthead

Hope it helps,

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