Fullscreen toggel on Rev Slider after update no correct function

after updating Cornerstone, RevSlider PlugIn etc. in the last days all photo shows doesn’t function correctly anymore. When clicking on the fullscreen toggle botton of a rev slider photo show, it switches to smaller display, but not to full screen. What to do? The guys from ThemePunch say: issue is from your page builder. And really: since when I try same slider on page without page builder and full screen is just working fine.
What can I do?

Thank you in advance,

bad example: http://ami-studio.de/mann-ueber-bord-ii
good example: http://ami-studio.de/tp/

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! It appears that you are using WP Rocket plugin. Please clear your plugin cache first and test your site again. This could just be a caching issue.

Please let us know how it goes.

yes, multiple times I cleared the full site cache, but no change on different browsers and devices.


Your site’s resources are still minified, cached and served from a CDN. Please clear all caches, deactivate the caching plugin and disconnect your site from your CDN then check again. You can enable them all when this is solved. It’s important to do that when updating. Please see our update guide for best practices.


Ok, I have cleared all caches and deactivated CDN and the caching plugin, all like you said. Also cleared browser caches, but no change.
Thanks, Jens

Hi there,

I could not find any full-screen toggle on a Good Example you show. Would you please kindly give us a page link which uses Cornerstone and another page link which does not use that with the same toggle to compare?

Also, I wonder if you use our version of the Revolution Slider? The one which you can install from X > Overview menu? Because it is recommended to use our version for maximum compatibility.

The other important thing is that you are using version 4.6.4 of our theme with Cornerstone 2.0.6. Those two versions are not compatible and that might be the problem cause.

Please kindly update your theme to version 5.1.1.

Thank you.

the “good” example is here: http://ami-studio.de/tp/ (sorry, was set to private)
Would it be possible to downgrade the Cornerstone version to be compatible with my X Theme version? I don’t want to update the theme because of some changes in the child theme.

No. You need to revert from a database backup in this case. It’s recommended to update X though.


Ok, I have returned to an older version from a backup.
Thank you,

Hi Jens,

Can you clarify if this is now sorted out? The slider on the left part of your content here: http://ami-studio.de/mann-ueber-bord-ii is working fine when I checked even on toggle to fullscreen. It doesn’t switch to smaller image. See this: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cbQjeLI6hq