Full-width header image below logo and menu


its my first day using the X theme, so my question is fairly basic: I have a simple full-width layout with the site logo and a menu inside the header. On each page, I would like this to have a slim image below the header/above the main content, however, even after some googling, I still did not figure out how to achieve this. I am attaching a basic illustration of the layout I would like to achieve.

Hello @okonvick,

Thanks for writing in! What you have in mind is not a pretty basic idea. Since you are using Pro theme, please create a custom header. You will need to add a bar for your logo and the menu. Add another bar which will contain your header image. You can then assign this custom header as you global header. If you are not familiar with the custom header, please check out this knowledge base article first:

Hope this helps.

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