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Hi there,
On my site and post - https://victorytheatre.wpengine.com/uncategorized/resolving-hedda, I’d like to get the blog posts page showing as as full width and I can’t figure out how. I’d also like to have the content be to the top of the page and I can’t get the margin or padding to disappear.

I have attached a screenshot for the look I am working to achieve.

How can I make this fullwidth and the content extend to the top of the page?

Thanks for the help!


Thanks for writing in!

Your site is password protected so we are not able to check.

To make your blog post page full width, you need to select Full Width Layout in Theme Options > Layout & Design > Content Layout

Then to make your content extend to the top of the page as shown in your screenshot.
You can set your Navbar Position to Fixed Left under Theme Options > Header > Navbar > NAVBAR POSITION

For more information kindly refer to the link below


Sorry about that! Added the info in a secure note. I have everything else set like you said but I still cant get it to go full width.



Thank you for providing your login credentials.

There is an empty section in your content that is causing a big gap.

You may delete your first section if no longer needed.

Then to make it full width, you can add the code below in Theme Options > CSS

.single-post .entry-content {

Hope that helps

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