Formatting question

Hi there,

Question 1

I would like to achieve a look like this, without the use of an image, so the user can easily alter it afterwards:

Here’s what I’ve been able to achieve:

I don’t have a clue how to have the euro overlay over the image at the top via css. Could you help?

Question 2

I’d like to setup a graphic after my buttons like this:

Unfortunately, the standard buttons in X only let me place the graphic before the text, see here:

Is there a way to fix this?


Hi @Pbalazs89,

Thanks for writing in.

On your first question, you could include the price on your image already or you will need to use CSS to achieve it.

You could check the link below on how to achieve it.

2nd question, You could reverse the layout so the icon will move to the right.

Hope it helps.

Le tus know how it goes.


Hi there,

Thanks for the tips, I’ll try the suggestion for 1.

However, regarding 2. It works great, but my icon appears rather small. Any idea why that might be the case, is there a way to fix it? I added it here in the top, and no css seems to change it, I’m using an svg.

**** nevermind, it was the SVG file :))


Glad you were able to figure it out.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

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