Formatting Hero Image and Navigation Like Theme Home Page

Could you tell me how to format my home page so that the hero image and the navigation are set up exactly as they are on the X theme’s home page ( The hero image resizes itself and the navigation sticks to the bottom of the browser until you scroll, then sticks to the top. Thanks!

Hello Kathy,

Thanks for writing in!

You can add a revolution slider which will serve as you hero image inserted above your masthead. To know how you can integrate the slider to the theme, please check this out:

If you already have a slider and have integrated to the theme, please make sure that your slider is fullscreen. For the navigation to display right below the slider, you must add an offset height in the slider settings to leave a space for the menu navigation.

Full screen for your slider layout:

Add .masthead as offset:

Hope this helps.

Will this work if I am using the LayerSlider WP plugin instead of Revolution slider, and if so, where is the setting to complete?

Hello Kathy,

If you are going to use the LayerSlider plugin, youe slider could only be Fullwidth or FullScreen. There is no offset height setting available in this plugin.

Hope this helps.

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