Font weights not working

I’m using Pro and trying to change the font weights of my headlines. They are currently set to font-weight: 700, which works as intended, but when I try to set them to font-weight: 900, there is no change. I have tried adding !important commands and numerous other solutions to get the “ultra-bold” look, but nothing seems to be working.

I’ve been able to do this in the past on X theme, but no luck with Pro. Font-weight 900 even shows up in the Typography section under Appearance > Customizer, but editing it there has no affect either.

Any thoughts on why this wouldn’t be working?

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You are using font family “Lato” for the heading which is a google font, the font weight 700 and 900 having not much difference in bold. Thats why its appearing same for both when you are making in 900.

Please chose other font family if you need more bold font. You can use “Montserrat” too.


I’m sorry, but what…? There is definitely a difference between Lato 700 and Lato 900. I have used both before and you can easily distinguish both weights. You can even see it on Google if you’re unfamiliar: Compare “Bold” (which is 700) with “Black” (900). The difference is very noticeable.

So with that said, back to the original question - can someone help me figure out why 900 is not working?


Sorry for the confusion, you need to add that font weight(900) in your font manager.

For more information kindly refer to the links below.

Hope that helps

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