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I’m using Integrity and the headings are humongous but the text is minuscule. The text is hard to read, it is so small. I’d like to have the headings smaller and the text bigger. But the solutions I’m finding here seem very complicated.

I guess I could live with the heading size but I feel people are going to bounce because the text font is so small.

I tried adjusting the font size in the Typography options, but it had no effect on the site that I could see.

If I have to make CSS adjustments for various device types, I think I’m getting in over my head. Do any of the stacks have built-in font size adjustments that don’t require code?


Hi Catherine,

Thank you for reaching out to us. You can adjust the font size for multiple devices via Theme Options > Typography > Root Font Size > Root Font size Mode and select Stepped then you can define font sizes for different screen sizes (see screenshot)

Hope this helps!

Thanks. How do you adjust the body font size relative to the header font size? The headers are huge and the body is tiny by default.

Hello Catherine,

The header should be relative to the body content’s base font size. Unless otherwise you are using responsive text which will also cause the font size of the headers to become bigger. You may need to check your Responsive text settings and manage it in Settings > Responsive Text.

To know more about responsive text, please check it from our knowledge base here:

Hope this helps.

Thanks. On the screen you are showing, I only have the first three tabs, Preferences, Colors, and Fonts. There is no Page Settings tab on my end. I have integrity (not Pro).

Hey Catherine,

Yes it’s for the X as well. If you edit your page in Cornerstone then click on Gear Icon (see screenshot)

You should see the Page Settings tab (see screenshot)

I believe you’re clicking the Gear Icon via X > Theme Options, you’ll not see the Page Settings tab over there.

Hope this helps!

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