Font change for menu, buttons and call to action

I want to change the font type for the navigation menu, buttons and call to action area. I have changed font type in customization and width than “template” area within X theme. I assume you have to do this with CSS but I just cannot figure it out.

Thanks for your excellent template

Hi There,

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Can you please describe a bit what exactly you want to achieve here. May be a screenshot you can attach here.
If you want to change font and width of the each menu item you can do it with the customizer, no need of extra css.

Let us know if you want something else.


What I want to do is change the font for the buttons (read more) to Pirata One. Currently I think it is using body font and I want to change it to headings font. Seen here:
On the call to action element (shop for pitbull apparel co)it is using the body font I believe. I want to change it to the heading font which is Pirata One
as well. Seen here:

So on both the buttons and called action I want the font to be pirata one

Thank you for your support

Hi James,

Please try this inline CSS to the style field of your buttons:

font-family: 'Pirata One', cursive;

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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