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Hi, the update to Font Awesome v5 is looking great. However, the font-weight is set to 900. Is there a reason that is overriding the normal 400 weight? Outline icons look really thick. I’ll correct it in CSS for now though.

Pro 2.2 / Renew Stack

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! I see that you have plenty of licenses. Could you please provide us with an example page URL, so that we can check and assist you accordingly.


Hi, have a look at this page

The icon next to the heading Task is an outline icon but looks too thick because the font-weight is being set to 900 not 400.

Hi There,

Unfortunately, the light version of that icon is available in pro version of FontAwesome only(which you have to buy separately).

You can take a look at this:


Yeah I get that! But the normal free version of that icon is being rendered under a rogue piece of CSS that changes the font weight from 400 to 900. Thus making it thicker! Look…

Hi There,

This seems to be a bug, please add this to Theme Options > CSS for now.

[data-x-icon-o] {
	font-weight: 400;


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