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I’m using Pro/Integrity, and would like to build a page that behaves similar to this demo page within Icon (fixed sidebar with individual scroll):
I’d like the nav to be within the page and not overlapping the fixed sidebar, like you see on that page … and then I’d like to fill it with recent posts. Is this easily achieved within Integrity, or something specific to Icon only?

I had inquired about this in another post but I think I mangled it a bit … and I’m confused about how I can go about doing this so thought I’d ask since it’s included in the Icon stack (but I don’t want to switch since I’m super happy with our post layout stylings in Integrity!).

Hi Christopher,

This is actually not a sidebar, but fixed navbar which you can setup on Integrity stack as well.

Head over to X -> Theme Options -> Header and set Navbar Position as Fixed Left.

If you want individual scroll, make sure to enable navbar scroll option as well.

Hope that helps.

Oh that makes sense … so I could essentially do what I’d like to do, using a fixed navbar on the left, but putting content in it (not nav items) and then add another nav bar on the top of the page (representing the sites regular nav options) and go from there, right?

And on post pages, where I don’t want the lefthand side nav bar, I can just revert back to top of the page normal navbar (since I have control of where certain nav bars appear, right?

Does that ring true to you (sorry, talking out loud) … if so, I’m going to go down that path today!


Hello @atblue,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

To achieve the layout which you are looking for in which you want to have left bar and top bar, you will have to use header builder. Using header builder, you can have multiple bar elements globally or based on specific pages. I have recorded a screencast to explain the concept.

To learn more about header builder, please take a look at KB resource:


Yep, thank you … I’m making the page right now and it’s working like a charm – as usual thanks for the followup and the linkage. Support here is by far the best I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve deal with most major ‘themes’ and frameworks. Nice job.

Love the flexibility of the Header/Footer Builders…

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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