Fix box height for classic element

I’ve attached an image of part of my web page in Pro a seen on my PC, I’m using the same Pro classic element in each of the columns. There are two questions:

How can I generally find the name of the classic element being used (for later reference if I forget)

When I view this section on an Ipad, the box heights are all different. How can I fix the box heights?


Hey @PlanetPluto,

It’s best that you use the new Row as Columns inside it have the same height by default. You can learn more about the new Row in this video introduction:

Here’s a quick setup video to achieve what you need:

Regarding finding the name, regretfully, there’s no feature for it but you can rename the section where the Classic Featured Box are. Just double click on the section name.

More tutorials are available in our Knowledge Base and our Youtube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe and click on the bell icon to get notified if there’s a new upload.

Hope that helps.

Thanks but I have a couple of rows looking like this and didn’t want to recreate the whole thing from scratch.

Surely there is some CSS I can paste in each each box that fixes the existing?

Please advise.


Hi Jeff,

I can see on your home page it is now same height even on different browser size. Can you confirm this is now sorted out?

Please let us know on which other page URL you need help. Thank you.

Yes, I eventually sorted it out.


You are most welcome!

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