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I am a first time user of X-theme and am getting pretty confused with the current knowledgebase. It looks like most of the articles were written for a previous version of X/Cornerstone and the documentation links are broken. Building content looks intuitive, but I want to tweak things beyond what the options menu gives me. For example, I want to manipulate the style of the header and buttons more than what is accessible to me. I also want to build a front page different from the rest of the site.

What is the best way to take advantage of Cornerstone’s content builder while having more control? Forgive me if I’ve overlooked something in the support forum or knowledgebase.



Thanks for writing in! Regretfully, at this time I am not entirely certain what it is you would like to accomplish based on the information given in your email. If you wouldn’t mind providing us with a little more clarification on what it is you’re wanting to do (a link to a similar example site would be very helpful, or perhaps some screenshots), we’ll be happy to provide you with a response once we have a better understanding of the situation.

Sorry I wasn’t more specific! I’ll be more precise. I’m messing around with the demos to get familiar with the theme, and specifically with regards to the header it looks like the level of customization is thorough but I want to be able to do more than what the options menu gives me. For example:

In this demo, the links change color on hover, and I can change the color of the hover. How might I instead add a rule that makes the background color of the button change color on hover? I know how to do this in CSS – is it possible to integrate custom CSS rules without breaking the theme? What/where is the documentation for that functionality? That way I could take advantage of Cornerstone’s content builder while having more control.

Also, in projects past I’ve created a front-page.php template for themes i’ve made. Can I do this in X?

One more thing, like I mentioned in my original post the links to the documentation are not working. Also, a lot of the articles in the knowledgebase seem to be based on an older version of X.

Thanks for your reply!

Hi There,

If you could kindly point the broken links our outdated we would greatly appreciate. We have done a refreshing process of our Knowledge Base tutorials, but of course it is possible we have forgotten something.

All the links here, supposedly work:

Now back to your questions.

On X > Theme Options as you found in the Header and Specific Stack tabs you will find the options to customize your header, if you don’t find the option, like for example, to customize the header items background on hover, you can do via CSS, you can add the CSS to X > Theme Options > CSS

That said, I would like make you aware of our second product, PRO Theme, which offers incredible Header and Footer builder which allow you to build extremely customizable headers like no other theme on the market.

If you decide to go for it, you can access your Apex license page and pay the difference to upgrade.

Regarding your customization question, X can be customized like any other theme which follows the best WP standards.

Hope it helps

The links on this page do not work.

Is there a convenient way to add CSS classes and identifiers to elements? I don’t want to simply look at the HTML, I want to do it the recommended way, since I don’t know the ins and outs of your theme.


Hi There,

On the classic elements, on the very bottom of Cornerstone left tab, you will find a ID, CLASS and STYLE(Inline CSS) Boxes. You can add your classes there. On the V2 Elements (Non-Classic) you will find a Customize tab, by clicking there you will find those options on most elements as well. You also will find options to show or hide elements based on screen width on the customize tab.

The CSS can be added to the style.css of your child theme, or to X > Theme Options > CSS or if the specific CSS only applies to a specific page, you can add on Cornerstone > CSS tab.

Hope it helps!

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