Filter on Ethos-01

If I don’t select an IDs in the filter control (X > Theme Options > Ethos > Filterable Index) it will grab categories for the filter options but will show the posts in order by category then by date. Some of those posts can be ancient if that category wasn’t used recently.

If I configure by putting in the IDs for the various categories it will list the items by category, by date, when all is selected and will start with the first category.

I was expecting the behavior to be when the page loads it will show the most recent posts for all unless a filter category was selected.

Since I am not sure what I am seeing is what is expected, is there a description of the expected behavior and are there options to change it?

Hi @RocketSMS,

Thanks for reaching out.

It’s the intended feature for filterable index, it only displays the grouping of posts for each category. It doesn’t have a function that displays all posts by default since it has no ajax functionality like other grid plugins. And the only way to change it by custom development since you’ll have to modify the entire feature. Then perhaps, you may use the bundled grid plugins for complete ajax filtering and pagination. Examples,,,

Then just add them to your preferred page.


I’m not sure why AJAX is needed.

While waiting for your speedy replay I found a workaround hack. Create a parent category and then make it be alphabetically first (I put an ‘_’ in front of the category name. Then it works exactly as desired. All posts are sorted by date and I can use the filter function to pick a subset sorted by date.

So I had hoped there might be some settings or custom code I could to avoid the ‘_’ hack. If not, I can live with this.

Thanks again for the rapid response. Very impressive on a weekend.

Hi @RocketSMS,

Thanks for sharing and glad to hear you managed to find a workaround.


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