Featured image not displaying in post header

Hi there,

I have a blog post here which has a featured image attached, but for some reason it does not load in the header. Any ideas why?

Hi @Pbalazs89,

Thanks for reaching out.

It appears to be part of customization as I don’t see any code for background image,

<div class="benryan featured-image bg-image parallax" style="background-position: 50% 11px;" data-x-element="section" data-x-params="{&quot;type&quot;:&quot;image&quot;,&quot;parallax&quot;:true}" ;"=""><div class="x-container max width"><div class="caption"><h1 class="title h2">Így jógázz a munkahelyeden!</h1></div></div></div>

This isn’t part of the header by default but it’s there, I recommend contacting the author of the code and implement the correct shortcode for background, or use global blocks and use its shortcode within the custom code. Please check this https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/global-blocks/24723, with global block you can utilize all the feature of the builder including background images without coding it in.


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