Feature Image to the left. side by side with text

Hey guys,
need some help. Im trying to position the featured image to the left of the blog post preview section. I would like to have a small thumbnail picture side by side with my text. Is that possible ?.

I checked out some solutions to some similar problems and read most of the knowledge base articles.

I edited the css file and changed some code in .entry-featured and .entry-wrap but nothing really worked for me.
Either the feature image is above the text or completely out of area.

Anyone can help me out please ?.

Hey Jean,

The only stack that supports the layout you described is the Ethos stack. See http://demo.theme.co/ethos-1/

You can override the look of Integrity or other stack’s blog design but it will not look good if you have a wide aspect ratio featured image like your setup. Replicating the Ethos setup would require template customization on top of a fair amount of custom CSS so it would be outside the scope of our support. I just edited that in the browser to demonstrate this point.

Ethos uses the feature image as a background of a fixed 5:3 aspect ratio container to make the layout consistent.

I’d recommend that you wait for the planned Layout Builder though because that will allow you to design a custom archive.

Thank you for understanding.

Thanks for your great support christian! . Changed the Stack configuration to Ethos, looks way better now :).

Glad we were able to help :slight_smile:

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