Extra padding needed for nav anchor links on smaller screen sizes

Hello -

First thank you so much for all the support you provide. It is always greatly appreciated.

On this site: www.cityplantsllc.com - I need to add extra padding on the anchor linked nav items "about" "portfolio" and "contact" small screen sizes when the nav menu turns into a hamburger - ie have them jump down the page further so they land at the appropriate sections.

Last time I know this took some more complex js script code that a staff member was able to help with.


Hi there,

Unfortunately, we can not take time to code for a case which is an old version of the theme. You need to get a complete backup of your website and update the theme and Cornerstone to have the latest codebase.

Then you need to follow the instructions below to make the one-page navigation work correctly on all screen sizes:

Thank you for your understanding.

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