Everything is confusing

Hi –

I’d like to request a refund for a wordpress theme I bought. The X theme.

I’ve spent my entire Sunday just trying to figure out the user interface and Cornerstone. I really had high hopes and thought I was buying a theme that was easy to use and “beginner friendly”. :tired_face: I had to spend so much time in the Knowledge base instead of working on my website.

Holy moly the learning curve is steep! It’s like I have to re-learn Wordpress. :frowning_face:

Hey Glori,

Thanks for writing in and we’re sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with X. Is there a chance that we can help you with the issues you’re facing?

I’ll also forward your feedback to our leadership team and also for processing of your refund if you wish to proceed.

Thank you.

Hi Christian —

Thank you for the prompt reply.

Sorry if I seemed whiny in my first message. I was just really frustrated because I’m not even a total beginner at using WP themes, but I was almost brought to tears. LOL.

I honestly gave it a sincere effort (thus the whole of Sunday just for it), but using this type of theme for the long-term is not feasible for me if I consider my time and effort. (I don’t want to fall into the sunk cost trap.)

Also, specifically, most of the demo stacks use the classic elements, but the prominent ones in the customizer are the new elements? It’s not intuitive :confused:

I would like to proceed with the refund please. I actually already submitted one via Envato, which has a more detailed feedback. Do I need to submit another here?

Thanks again.

Sorry for the confusion. For X, the refund would actually be processed by Envato.

Regarding the demos, regretfully, yes. They use Classic Elements. I’m not sure what you mean by prominent wants though.


So shall I just wait for the reply about the refund from Envato? The confirmation email I received said that the Refund Request will be forwarded to THEMECO so I hope the approval process won’t take too long.

RE: Elements. In cornerstone, the first elements that appear in the elements list are the new ones. The classic ones are below. It may be a minor thing but, as I mentioned, considering that the stacks use the classic ones, which seem significantly different from the new ones, it’s got confusing and inconvenient (especially when you’re just beginning to build new pages)

Oh, and I hope you don’t mind more feedback: While the stacks use classic elements, the templates (the ones you can download?) use the new ones, so there’s a noticeable difference in appearance. Maybe create new stacks that use the elements so that there’s consistency?

I see. I’ll forward this to our leadership team to see if they have received the refund request from Envato.

Regarding the elements, if you wish to use Classic Elements only, you can disable V2 elements in X > Settings > Permissions

The Stacks are like pre-designed themes within X. Elements are only applicable in the content. You can use Classic as well as V2 Elements. It is only the demo content that uses Classic Elements. For the new elements, we have a starter pack you can download from the Templates Manager. Though there are a few now, more will be added in the future.

Hope I gave the info you need.

Thank you for the info, Christian.

Will you also let me know (via this thread) if they have received the refund request?

If not, I’ll simply wait for the email response.


We already have forwarded this to our leadership team.

Kindly wait for the email response.


Hi Glori,

Yes, we have received your refund request and we’ll follow up by email.


Thanks, Matt.

I replied via the Envato thread.

You’re most welcome!

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