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I cannot edit an event in Events Calendar Pro when I make it a series. As soon as I turn that feature on, the events become uneditable in cornerstone…
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Hi @glankford,

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I would like to confirm if Events Calendar Pro is the MEC plugin which we could support because it is bundled to our theme.

MEC now has a problem because it is not listed in the codecanyon but we are already checking it now.

This might help also.

There is a new permissions settings for the Cornerstone which will allow you to enable or disable the Cornerstone for different post types.

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


Well, I am not sure if we are talking the same thing. I know MEC is bundled, but we bought The Events Calendar Pro as an extra plugin because it seems more stable than MEC. However, the integration with Events Calendar Pro and Cornerstone seems to be glitching. Whenever I make it a single event, then it works fine. The moment it becomes a series/multiple day event, then it becomes uneditable and the event doesn’t show in the live page (it says the page is no longer here, etc)… I have to separate the events and make them single events in order to be able to edit them, which defies the purpose of having a series feature. I am including screenshots of the errors I am getting…

Thanks for your help!


Hi @glankford,

Sorry for the confusion, Events Calendar Pro and MEC are different. We couldn’t provide support for 3rd party plugins as we’re not sure how their system works. Cornerstone is meant for single page editing (where the editor is available). But I’m not sure about series and multiple events, it could be using multiple contents or editor which isn’t compatible with the builder. The builder’s main purpose is to create and build contents for the single page.

All we could do is just add this to our issue tracker, but we couldn’t promise any solution as of now.


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