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Hello, new to the X theme. I purchased to get the overall look of the Ethos 3, video on main, menu on bottom. I imported demo files and it looks nothing like the demo. How can I go about setting that up with the demo to build off?

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Hello @jlarmen,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Please note that X Theme offers 2 variant of demo contents, Standard and Expanded. Ethos 3 falls under Standard demo family. Primary difference between standard and extended demo is that when you import standard demo it will setup the structural layout of the homepage that includes placeholder content along with relevant customizer settings, you won’t get inner pages like about or team page.

On the other hand upon importing expended demo content it will not only setup your homepage and Customizer settings for you, but it will also import all images used in the demo itself, all pages, posts, widget areas, menus, et cetera. In a nutshell, you will receive a completely finished site design, creatives and all with the click of a mouse. You can take a look at standard and expanded demo at:

You can learn more in following article:

Thanks for understanding.

Thank you. I understand about the extended/standard difference. But shouldn’t the Ethos 3 import of least do the correct layout? Sticky menu at bottom, container for the video? If not, can you offer guidance or a knowledge article on how to do that? I’ve used plenty of themes, but this one’s tools are different than other builders.
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Hi Joseph,

When you import the Ethos 3 Demo you get the sticky menu, right? But not this banner.

That is because that banner is a Slider (Revolution Slider) and sliders are not part of the standard demos.

That layout which the logo and menu are in the bottom is a setting you need to do on the Slider itself. (refer here)

Regretfully, we can not provide you the Slider itself, however, you can always follow the guide that I provided here on how to set up one.

Hope it helps,

So this what get (see hidden text). I don’t get a sticky menu. I can’t figure how to get the sticky menu to the bottom. I’ll look at the links and see where I can get with that and get back to you. I have a license for Slider Revolution (Revolution Slider?) Thanks!


Hello There,

Your menu is already set as fixed top which means that if you assign a slider above your masthead, the menu will display right below your slider just like what we have in Ethos 3 demo. I would recommend that you create your own slider and assign it to the page. To know more how you can work with sliders and place it in the masthead of your site, please check out this article:

Hope this helps.

Awesome. Getting there. Is that a fault of the slider that the sticky menu is below/off the opening screen?

Hi There,

Yes, that is the settings that I am referring here, specifically the Increase/Decrease Fullscreen Height option of the slider.


Thank you so much for the great support. That helped.

On behalf of my colleague, you’re welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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