Ethos 3 demo content Download please

Hi there i have been trying to download the eThos3 conte all of the pages including the lent video page
I want that design. can you guys please help me with this. at the moment it only downloaded the home page without the video on top of the header here is my domain. and I want all the content that is in this domain.

thank you hope to hear from you soon.


You can check the right steps here:

hi there I followed the same steps but I only get one page which in home. I dont know what is wrong here are my logins attached can you please help to find what am doing wrong please. this is what am looking for

Hi There,

The Standard demos just come with the home page.

The Inner pages can be assembled using Cornerstone Template Blocks and Cornerstone Template pages.

Login to Cornerstone and you will find the template tab beside the create a section button.

If you donĀ“t know how to setup something, please let us know and we will guide you.

Thank you

Okey what i really want is the landing page that has a video on. if I can only get that then

Hi There,

You need to go to Wp Admin > X > Install revolution slider.

After that you can download your prfered slider from here :

Download it.

Open revolution slider > Import it.

Edit the slider according to your needs.

Go to your home page, click edit page.

On WP Classic backend editor, select the slider as slider above masthead.

Save it.

Hope it helps!

HI there.
this is mroe complicated than i thought can you guys please guide me to setup the menu such that when i click the page slides up. just like does please.

Hi There,

I thought you want the Ethos Demo 3 :slight_smile: anyways its not that hard to setup a Feature Slider Below or Above Masthead at all. On your Slider Settings you just need to set the Slider Layout to Full-Screen and add .masthead, #wpadminbar to the Increase/Decrease Fullscreen Height field. Then assign that Slider to your Home page as the featured Slider Below Masthead and thats pretty much it.

If something is not clear, please watch the clip below.

Setting up a full-screen feature Slider Below Masthead

Cheers :slight_smile:

hi there its me again sorry i meant to ask, how to I setup the nav menu such that when i click a menu item it slides the page to the desirable section. just like does.
can you please take me guide me there.

Hi there,

Thanks for clearing it up.

That is the One Page Navigation feature.

You can find the guide here:

Hope this helps.