Ethos 1- help needed to make a java script fiole accesable

I am trying to get my blog verified by an affiliate agency.
They have given me instruction to paste a short javascript into my blog homepage.
My technical skills are low

Below is a copy of their instruction to load the script. I tried to copy and paste into a blog post but it can’t be read by the agency. How do I make the script visible in ethos 1

-------You can either do a JavaScript placement verification or a file upload verification. Please follow the instructions below for whichever method is easiest for you.

• JavaScript placement verification: An affiliate application can be confirmation by placing a JavaScript call on the homepage of your website and then letting AvantLink verify that the script has been placed on the page. As soon as that step is complete you may remove the line of JavaScript - you won’t need it again. The exact procedure for using the JavaScript placement verification is as follows:

(1) Copy the JavaScript from AvantLink from the first link in the email we sent you.

(2) The JavaScript can be placed in one of the following places:

(a) Locate your homepage. This is probably named “index.html” or “index.php” in your web root directory (likely to be named “public_html”). You may need to check with your host to determine what file this is. Paste the JavaScript anywhere in that file and save the file to your web server.

(b) Paste the JavaScript anywhere within the template that is used on the homepage of your site. This is especially useful if your website is a blog. If your website is a blog, you may also place the JavaScript within a post that will be shown in full on the homepage until we are able to verify that it is there.

(3) Browse to the second URL we sent in the email to verify the placement of the JavaScript.

Hello James,

Thanks for reaching out. :slight_smile:

Most probably you need to enter the javascript code in head section of the website. You can do the same via changes in child theme (require some custom development work) or using 3rd party plugin. I am going to elaborate more on the same and depending on your comfort, you can move ahead.

  • Child theme:

Please follow the instructions shared in following thread:

Before proceeding with the changes, please make sure to install and setup child theme. You can take a look at following resources for more information.

  • Third party plugin:

If you are not comfortable with coding, then you can use 3rd party plugin. For more details, please take a look at following thread:

Please note that the plugin I have shared is not a official Themeco advice. It’s just a personal input that I have shared with you to help you get started. 3rd party plugins may cause some issues and we won’t be able to provide support in that scenario.


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