Ethos 1 - Demo Content - EMPTY?

Hi everyone,

why is the Demo Content of Ethos 1 so empty? I just get an Samplepage and this i cant realy use…
Can someone Help me out, what i did wrong?

This is the second Theme i tryit, the first one was integrity-7 and it was very well. But Ethos one is realy empty…

Thanks and Best Regards

Hi There,

Ethos-1 is a blog page.

You need to create posts and assign featured images to your posts in order that the layout look like the example site:

You can than go to X > Theme Options > Ethos and adjust the settings to your taste.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the quick answer, i will try it :slight_smile:

Is there a good tutorial you can recommend for this theme?

Yeah, guys. The import isn’t populating the Ethos 1 home page (latest posts), even with 11 blog posts loaded (default that came with the theme). See:

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Also, the Ethos 1 template (demo) should have a Revolution Slider loaded. The most important question I have is how to edit the Home (Blog) page layout? How are we supposed to be able to build that Home page (I don’t see a Blog template or Blog page) to reconfigure. This ought to be a Cornerstone option, right?

I figured it out how you can see the Revolutions Slider in the Demo Content/Template.
You need to got to Design>Theme Options> Post Carouse > and set here to Random, the same option you need set in Post Slider – Blog to Random.
For the Pictures in the slider, you need to set a picture in the posts editor.
I hope that will help you :slight_smile:

Thanks @KKHolding but I’m not seeing those options… (?) Thanks for your input, in advance. :grin: (UPDATE: I see what you mean now…the top of page Post Carousel! Okay, yes. BUt that is different from the Slider on the Home page (seen in the demo. I did find that it is NOT a Revolution Slider, but I’m still looking for a way to control it.

Another Update: Post Carousel and Post Slider are both controlled under Theme Options > Ethos > POST CAROUSEL and/or POST SLIDER – BLOG (setting both to Random, as you stated).

Sorry i forgot this one Step > ETHOS…

Yes your right, if you find the Control for this please let me know :smiley:

Yes, all of the controls for the post displays (top carousel and the slider under the navigation area) are found under the options here: Theme Options > Ethos >

As you can see in this thread @Joao we’ve figured out how to control the Post Slider and Post Carousel. Also, you can make the blog articles show on the Home page by manipulating the categories in the Blog Options and/or by turning OFF the filterable index. Thanks! ( @KKHolding , too )

Glad that you have managed to fix the issue :slight_smile:

I suggest that you bookmark the link below which is the overview of our Knowledgebase:

You can fond good information regarding the Theme Options.

Thank you.

Sure. Thanks @christopher.amirian , though none of the above issues pertaining to the Demo setup is covered in the Setup documentation, that’s a fine resource. In this instance, we were dealing with the expectations of a Demo (Ethos 1) not loading the correct settings to display anything on the Home (Blog) page.

Let us know if you need further assistance.


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