Essential grid - Show without hover dropzone


I am using Essential Grid for my products and I want to display an excerpt below each product. I have chosen a skin with the excerpt below the image however there is no option for “Show without Hover” on the bottom dropzone, any idea why it’s like this? This seem like the only dropzone we would need to always show without hover.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Hugobosss,

You can add this CSS code to (Pro > Theme Options > CSS):

.esg-layout-even .esg-entry-content {
    display: block!important;
.esg-overflowtrick {
    overflow: visible!important;

Also, you might need to adjust the next section margin top in the builder.



Thank you! It works great on large display however below 1024px it’s messed up, can you please advise how I can fix this?

Hi again,

Yes I see the issue you’re having, since the grid is generating the styles on the fly dynamically, regretfully there is no easy way to control this with CSS, this will always create issues in different screen sizes. You’ll have to stick with the hover option or re-create a section with other elements as per your need.


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