Equal height buttons in Flexmethod row

Hi there,

I use the flex method css to create equal height columns. I would like the buttons in those columns to be equal heights to.
How can this be done?

Kind regards

Hey Victor,

Please see the answer from a similar thread https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/best-way-to-create-a-4-column-flex-box-to-display-service-overview/39869/2?u=christian_y


Hi Christian,
That thread isn’t what I mean.

I would like size (height) of the buttons to be the same, despite of how many text is in the button.

So what Flexmethod does to the columns, it should also do to the individual buttons in the row.

Hey @TelecatsNL,

The flex method will not apply to the buttons. You need to set the button’s dimensions using the native options.

Please note that our snippet serves as a guide or starting point only. Though it would make sense to use CSS to set the button’s height, writing custom code is not a part of our support service. We could not continue on writing custom code to achieve specific needs moreover that there is a native option.

If you wish to continue with CSS, you will need to consult with a third party developer.

Thank you for understanding.

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