Envira lightbox cannot exit out

Hi @kcreative,

Thanks for writing in.

Looks like the issue is caused by the combination of Async Javascript plugin and Ads plugin, there are javascript errors. Unfortunately, I cant disable them since it’s a live site and it may affect your existing ads.

Have you tried contacting Envira Gallery? You have a license for the gallery addon you’re using and it’s something I can’t troubleshoot.


Thank you for the quick reply!

Actually this is a dev website so could definitely “experiment” there. Just deactivated Async and the Ads plugin, but the issue is still there.

Yes, have contacted the support of Envira, but haven’t heard anything back from them yet.

Hello There,

I have checked the site and I got this JS error:

TypeError: i.close is not a function[Learn More] envira-min.js:86:57509

Could you please re install Envira gallery? You might need to delete the plugin manually by logging in through your ftp and delete the folder from there. Once deleted, you can re install it again in X > Validation > Extensions section.

Please let us know how it goes.


I’m having the exact same problem. Most pages on my site use Envira and I can’t close them using any method I can think of other than refreshing the page. Would love to solve this without having to recreate all those image galleries. Here’s one example: http://www.dalecodyphoto.com/nature/.


I did reinstall the plugin using the latest version (Envira Gallery v1.8.3) from Envira’s website and the issues is still there…

Hi @DaleCody01 and @kcreative,

For @DaleCody01, This could not be the same solution for @kcreative however you could try it also.

Update your version of Envira to its bundled version. Bundled version explained here: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/extension-envira-gallery/67

You could try follow the instructions above on how to update your envira to its bundled version.

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


Forgot to mention that I did reinstall the gallery using Theme X extensions, which didn’t make a difference and then tried with reinstalling the gallery from Envira’s website - same result. Right now the gallery was reinstalled using Theme X extensions menu… Is this what you mean by “bundle version”?

Quick update - after turning off plugins it turned out that the issue is coming from interference with the Revolution Slider plugin - when it is deactivated, the galleries work fine!

Hi @kcreative

I’ve tested this issue with:

  • Slider Revolution plugin version
  • Envira Gallery plugin version

and I didn’t encounter this issue, both versions listed above are the latest supported versions as mentioned in “Troubleshooting - Version Compatibility”.

Could you please reinstall these exact versions from validation page and recheck this issue?


Hi Nico,
I thought I was using the bundled version. I could removing it and re-installing, but my concern with that is having to recreate all the Envira galleries I have on this site and there are many. If that is my only recourse, then I’ll have to try it tonight sometime. Any ideas that wouldn’t require me to re-install and recreate everything?


Just reinstall both plugins and they have the versions mentioned above. The issues is still there and it looks like I am not the only one experience it, is that right @daleygraphics ?

The galleries work when I disable Revolution Slider!

@DaleCody01 by the way, when you delete the plugin and reinstall it afterwards the galleries are still there! I would definitely recommend to do a backup first!

Thanks @kcreative . Turning off Revolution Slider does fix the Envira problem. I am running the most recent versions of both per @Alaa . I will try re-installing both later this evening. Great to know I can remove and re-install without having to recreate all the galleries. Will back up first though.


I uninstalled both Envira and Revolution Slider then re-installed the theme versions from Validation page. If Slider Revolution is activated then Envira gallery will not function properly (aka no way to close the lightbox). I have deactivated Revolution for the time being, but would really like some kind of fix for this bug as soon as possible.


Hey Dale,

Please try following the suggestions at https://www.themepunch.com/faq/troubleshooting-tips-for-5-0/. If nothing in there helps, we’ll post this in our issue tracker.


Just tried the options in the thread above (https://www.themepunch.com/faq/troubleshooting-tips-for-5-0/), the issue is still there.

Hi @kcreative and @DaleCody01

We like to tag this as a bug, but we can not replicate it on our end. Maybe there are other variables here other than Revolution Slider and Envira Gallery, is there a chance that you have common add-ons on your Revolution Slider?

Can you try deactivating all the revolution slider add-ons?


No, there are no add ons to Revolution Slider. If it helps, please feel free to move the website to your own environment and “experiment” with it.

My biggest concern is that there are at least two different cases of it - both @DaleCody01 and I are experiencing the issue. So there must be something going on…

Hello @kcreative,

Another support staff here.

I created a fresh gallery using Envira Gallery while Revolution Slider is active and functioning but on my setup close button is working fine. However, as the problem is definitely there on your setup I am taking this as a bug and will report on the issue tracker.


I have no add-ons with Revolution Slider either. Problem persists and happy you’re treating it as a bug. For the record, I’ve had other problems in the past with other sites caused by Revolution Slider. I love it when it’s working well, but I’m a little nervous about it doing stuff like this.

Like @kcreative I’d be fine letting you move my site to your own environment and experiment with it if you’d like.