Envira Gallery not loading into Cornerstone Off-Canvas Content element


I am using the Envira Gallery Cornerstone Extension, and am having some problems with the images loading into the Cornerstone Off-Canvas Content element on some devices. Could it be because of this alert I have?: “No valid license key has been entered, so automatic updates for Envira Gallery have been turned off. Please click here to enter your license key and begin receiving automatic updates.” If so, How do I get a license key, since this feature came automatically with Cornerstone?

Or is it another issue?

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Hi there,

The issue is not related to the message you have. You can ignore the message as it is there because you do not have a purchase key of the Envira Gallery. But that plugin is bundled with our theme and you do not need one. For more information kindly read the bundled version section of the article below:

Regarding the issue itself, I should say that you cannot use the elements or plugins inside the off-canvas if their height is dependent on the Javascript calculation. The problem is that in the initial load the element will be hidden when it is in the off-canvas and Javascript will calculate the height 0. And that will ruin the view of it when the off-canvas gets open.

This will not happen in most modern browsers but there are plenty of them yet calculating the height 0.

So your case is one of the general rules of thumb. For example, you should not also add the gallery to a tab or accordion as those elements are hidden initially. For the tab, you can add the gallery to the first tab as it shows on load.

I hope I could explain the case in details and reason behind the Envira Gallery problem when it goes inside the off-canvas.

Thank you.

Ok thank you for that explanation. . .
I’m in the process of coming up with another option -
How can I place a Button element within a Classic Custom Headline element?

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Hi There,

You can use the button shortcode.


Hope it helps

Thanks for your reply, but I want to take an existing Button element and move it into a Custom Classic Headline element. Is that possible?

see: http://www.lauraletchingerart.com/available-work-gallery

I want to move the button at the top of the page to be in-line and to the right of “AVAILABLE”.

Thank you,

Hi there,

You can add the button shortcode inside the Headline text area next to the headline itself. For example I added this:

The Headline [button type="real" shape="square" size="mini" href="#example" title="Example"]Square Button[/button]

Then the result is:

To find out about the Button shortcode you can check this article:

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply –

Is there any way, though, to take the existing button, including it’s customization (the exact way it looks) and place it within the Custom Headline Classic element, after the text?

Thank you,

Hi Laura,

Unfortunely that would not be possible out of the box.

If you want to place your button isnde a Custom Headline you need to use a shortcode.

Hope it clarifies.

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