Envira Gallery - Lightbox hangon and strange resize

Hi, i’m using envira gallery with x-theme and i’m having alot of lightbox issues.

When i click on a image on gallery, the lightbox pops up and the image is rather “small” on the display. Oddly, the background displays full size imagens and then i can’t close the lightbox anymore.

Only reloading the page solves the issue.

Try http://www.heyportraits.com/proposta/ to see what’s going on.

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in!
I checked your site and the gallery seems working fine as expected.

Can you please check in a different browser or computer? let us know the result.


I’m having the same problem, I believe. All of a sudden my lightboxed images appear on the small side, instead of proportionally filling the screen space as they did before. The strange part is that it only appears unusually small on desktop (Chrome and FF tested), whereas on mobile it fills the space as it should.

I have cleared all caches and messed with different envira settings to no effect. Currently regenerating thumbnails, and I guess the last step will be deactivating plugins to see if there’s interference… :\

Gallery: http://www.juliebeloussow.com/artwork/

Here’s a screenshot, I mocked up a red box to (approximately) the space the image would normally fill.


Hi @SacredSlang

JavaScript is used to automatically determine the image width/height, it will depend on the browser window size to calculate the space for the image preview, did you try using different browsers?

Also, I’ve checked your website and I can see you have added this code snippet in (X > Theme Options > JS):

function isa_order_received_text($text,$order){return'<p>Thank you very much! Your order has been received and will be packed up shortly, a receipt has been emailed. A notification will be sent once your order has been completed and shipped. :) </p>';}

However, this is a PHP code snippet not a JS one, so that’s not the correct place to add such a code, PHP code snippets can be added to functions.php file in your child theme directory, check this guide to know more about child themes.


Yes, like I said I tested it on Chrome and FF, and just recently on IE as well. It all displays the same, smaller image size and apparently to a specific height ~439 px, which is definitely not the correct size for my desktop.

It used to fit to the height of the screen, like the mock-up screenshot I posted previously - now it’s all tiny, barely larger than the gallery thumbnail. I hadn’t made any changes to Envira before now, so I’m not sure why it suddenly changed?

Here’s another screenshot, of the browser reduced to a smaller size vs. full screen browser, then the image enlarges to fit the screen as it should: https://imgur.com/ndlLMNr

And thank you for catching that, I forgot to remove that. I wish it were what was interfering though.

Hello There,

I can confirm the issue. The image changes it size in certain device screen sizes. This might have happen after the plugin updates. The creators of Envira grid might have updated or change how the images in the lightbox will be displayed. We will communicate with the creators of the Envira for them to confirm if this is a bug or new changes in the lightbox.

Thank you for your understanding.

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