Envira Gallery License Issue


I was using a purchased license for Envira Gallery on a site, but I no longer need that functionality, I only need the functions included in the X Theme add-on.

Problem is that even though I’ve removed the licensed version of Envira and installed the X Theme add-on, it’s still asking for a license key.

I’ve got a staging copy of the site set up to do the tests and things on.

Would you mind taking a look?

I’ve added all the credentials in a private note.



Since the last Update of X Theme, I get the same error message. I use the Envira Gallery add on of the X Theme. What can I do? What is the problem?

Hi, @DannyC and @k_pem,

As the Envira Gallery is part of our bundled plugins which can be installed form X > Overview or Pro > Overview menu you do not need to have the license key. We have a contract with the Envira team and having our theme is enough to use the bundled version of the plugin.

Kindly ignore the message and feel free to use the plugin with no problem.

For more information regarding this kindly read the bundled version section of the article below:

Thank you.


Thanks for your response, but this isn’t fully correct. although the full version of Envira Gallery is available as an extension, the add-ons that come with Envira Gallery are not available unless you buy a full license. This is why I bought the license last year, I did plenty of research and spoke with your team about the add-ons and I was advised to buy a license if I wanted those.

I’ve never had this license warning before.

I’m happy to ignore the message but my client isn’t.

surely there’s a way to remove this notification or ensure that X isn’t still searching for a license when one isn’t needed anymore?



Hi Dan,

To remove that message, please add the following code to functions.php locates in your child theme:

add_action('admin_head', 'print_admin_script');
function print_admin_script(){
	<script type="text/javascript">
		jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

Let us know how it goes!


That seemed to do the trick. I’ll double check it when the next update comes along, but this shouldn’t hinder the add-on from updating along with the theme should it?



Hi Dan,

Yes, that code does not hinder any other WordPress functionality as what it does is to only remove that envira-gallery notice <div>.

Rest assured that our Dev Team is already made aware of this bug, but we can’t provide an ETA on when this going to be fix though.

On other note; please update your Cornerstone to the latest version (v2.1.6) to avoid any incompatibility issue.



Thanks for the response. That makes sense, I’ll use the code for now.

I’ll update cornerstone as well, but I’ve been having quite a few issues with updates lately, so I’ve gotta do it all in stages.



Same problem here, now with the new version 1.2.7
With 1.2.6 and the code below, it works fine, but now the Envira Gallery needs the license again.
Any help?
Thanks a lot!

Did you tried un-installing Envira from X Theme, and instead add the Envira Gallery plugin you bought, separately.
This way you can add your code and I think it will allow the add-ons.


Hi there,

If you got a separate license for Envira Gallery, kindly try the suggestion of Bogar. Kindly also keep a backup of your site before doing any changes. In case the issue persists, kindly post a new thread and provide the information of your site.

Thanks for helping out, @bogarguz.

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