Envira Gallery License Input Field missing

hi there,
i bought an envira license, deleted the bundeled version and installed the bought one.
but i cannot verify the license since the license input field is missing.
deleted browser caches, all transients, restarted computer, etc.
this seems to be an ongoing problem. i found a couple of older topics on that.
why is this happening? what is the current solution for this?
thanks a lot! kai

Hello Kai,

Thank you for the details. To resolve your issue, please add the following PHP code in your child theme’s functions.php file.

function x_envira_gallery_remove_license_functionality() { return true; }

This has been explain in our knowledge base article. Please see “Bundled Version” section here:

Best Regards.

hi @RueNel!
thanks for your weekend super fast support!
i did as you suggested but the license number field does not show up.
i also read the knowledge base article. but it did not help me much.
my functions.php file in the secure message.
thanks again for your help! best wishes, kai

Hi Kai,

In that case, would you mind providing your site’s URL and admin login credentials in the secure note? Please make sure the child theme is active as well.


hi rad, pls see secure note. thanks! kai

Hi Kai,

I added another set of code, the license option is now visible under Envira gallery Settings.


hi rad,
thanks a lot. i could verify my license now :slight_smile:
but… now i can’t install the add-ons which are available for installation.
i get this message: There was an error installing the addon. Please try again.
i also can’t do it manually since they omitted the one plugin i need when i bought it. the download page did not show it.
i must say, up to now i am seriously underwhelmed by envira gallery and their complicated system and (no) support.
thanks again for your help! best wishes, kai

Hi @iTurtle,

I can see the issue although I can’t find any error on the console just a message There was an error installing the addon. Please try again.. Please check error log. Let’s see if there’s anything more substantial that will give us more information on the issue. For the mean time, since you do have a license try checking in with their support.

thanks for coming back so quickly!
meanwhile i might have found out that envira gallery is not able to display pictures in a simple slider unless it is in a lightbox. this might force me to search for another gallery plugin which can put pinterest pins automatically on each slide. what a waste of time that was. also for your guys. sorry for that!
nothing really worked out from buying to installing to configuring and the support is not replying at all. also almost impossible to contact them in a simple way. i guess i will take my money back…
thanks again and have a great day, kai

You’re most welcome.

If you need anything else feel free to create another ticket.

Hi @Rad, could you please advise the other code you added? As I am having the same problem, I added the suggested line to child theme functions but it does not work. Thanks!

Hi @newbasecynth,

Please use this code in the functions.php file of the child theme:

function x_envira_gallery_remove_license_functionality() { 
  if (is_admin() ) {
    remove_action( 'envira_gallery_admin_styles', 'x_envira_gallery_hide_key_box' );
    remove_action( 'admin_print_scripts', 'x_envira_gallery_hide_license_errors', 20 );
add_action('admin_init', 'x_envira_gallery_remove_license_functionality');

Hope this helps.

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