Envira gallery: addons are included?


I hijacked this threat previously, but realised it was not about Envira Gallery (oops).

Question: when Envira Gallery is installed, the basic version is there. How about any addons of Envira Gallery, is that included (if so, how to activate). If not… and we wish to get them, do need to pay the full price (even though a basic version is included?) HELP!

BTW: also read this Envira Gallery article, which does not state ‘how much’ functionality to expect. I basically was looking how to create paginations or change the layout of the gallery.

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Hey there,

Included is the Basic version and the addons are not included. You need to buy a separate Envira license to get the addons. Please refer back to https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/extension-envira-gallery/67 for instructions on how to bring back Envira options removed by X.


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