Endless Loading cornerstone-endpoint


we have problems with cornerstone. First, it’s a completly fresh installation of Wordpress, the only modification is setting the Memory Limit in wp-config.

On oure Staging site, we test the updates of the Theme and cornerstone, the last version thats worked on our main site is Theme Version 5.1.1 and cornerstone 2.1.3. The problem is when we try to edit, the editor loads endless and it stops loading at cornerstone-endpoint. We have talk to our host, and they say that the script set the database to sleep and does not response.

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Hi there,

We have a new article with some troubleshooting guide which you can find here:

There may be some steps that you have not tried yet so kindly go over the article.

In case the issue persists, please provide your admin and FTP details in a secure note so that we can check this further.

Thank you.

Hello we have testing all. There are noc Plugins installed in the Staging site.

The preview is loading. But the editor not.

I poste my details on secure note.
Thanks for watching in.

Hi There,

Upon checking your installation it is working as expected.


Please clean your browser cache and test it again. If you are still facing issues, please try a different browser, Cornerstone does work with every browser, but it might be isolated to your installation.

Let us know how it goes.



thank you for checking our staging site. At the moment it works fine, at first time I load the editor it needs a while but then it works, and this is ok. Can you tell us what you do?
We want to try updating our Main site in the next days, if the same error happens, I would report again.

Many thanks.

Hello There,

Thanks for the updates! I guess Joao did not do anything in your staging site. I will personally message him and let him reply the thread shortly.


Hi There, as Rue mentioned I confirm I did not do any changes, I simply logged in and it was working as expected. Glad to hear it works on your end as well. Cheers!

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