Enable Pro for XTheme site to customize header


Can I purchase a new Pro license and active for an “under construction” Xtheme site? The reason I wan’t to do this is to take advantage of the customization option that Pro offers for the header section: Logo in the middle, etc… etc.

If I do this, will my design “break”, will all my current work be affected? Since I already have an Xtheme License, how much for the Pro one cost? Would you offer a discount?

Please let me know. Please see link on private note.


Hello Jacko,

Yes, you may upgrade your X license to a Pro license, you just have to go to your licenses page then you should see the options to upgrade your X license:


You may check this KB article to read more about X to Pro conversion:

Everything should remain as is when you update X to Pro.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much.

So just to make sure… once I update my site to Pro. I can create a new header, put the logo in the middle… etc.

How do I place that new header and replace my current one?

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Jacko_Pinto,

You are always welcome!

You can create headers on Pro > Headers.
Select the header you created, then it will activate assigment area on the lower right part. Just select either Global or set to specific page and it will be set on your site.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.

So would I need to remove the current header and replace it with the new one? Can I use video background on a Pro Header?

Hi @Jacko_Pinto,

Yes, that is possible, please see the documentation here.


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