Elements not moving under 2 headlines

Elements on site are not moving when I try to move them. will upload a screen grab privately.

Hi @upnorthbranding

I can replicate this issue on the sample page you provided, I even exported this page as a template then imported the template in my localhost and I can replicate the same issue, however, if I create a couple of headlines elements in another testing page I can drag and drop these elements easily. So I have reported this issue to our team for further investigation, for now you can use the Skeleton mode as I tried and found it working fine with these elements.

More information about skeleton mode can be found there:


Great to hear that it wasn’t just me. I was going crazy here for a moment! Would you like me to keep the login open for further testing on your dev team’s end?

Hi there,

You may remove it as we’re able to replicate the issue on our end and provided sample files for out dev team.

Thank you.

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