Education demo theme not loading

Hi, im struggling to load Education Demo theme. It gives “we’re sorry, the demo failed to finish importing” error. I have loaded revolution slider, and this is my first attempt uploading x onto wordpress so there have been no prior attempts to mess with things. My current PHP is 5.6. Not sure what could be the problem??

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! Were you able to generate other demos and only have issues with specific demos ? Most probable cause would be that you have PHP cURL extension related issues. Make sure that cURL is enabled and increase cURL timeout.

If you need further assistance, provide us with your login credentials in a secure note so that we can look into it.


Hi There,

Thank you for the credentials. To see the error, we need to try installing the demo. Now, you might have changes that might be overridden. Before we can try, please give us permission to do so. Installing a demo will alter customizer/theme option settings.

Hi there. Thanks for the reply. I managed to build a good looking replica so I think im ok now.

Thanks anyhow :wink:

Glad this is now sorted out for you.

Feel free to check our Knowledge Base too for more guidance:

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