Editing views/global/header/base.php

Hi guys, I’m trying to add markup (as you’ll see in the screenshot <div id=“cmsTemplate” …) into my theme between the <body and the <div id=“x-root” tags - this is needed because of a weird conflict between x theme and angular when the tag is elsewhere.

Ideally I want to override framework/views/global/header/base.php in my child theme, and add a hook there, but for some reason when I do so, the parent themes base.php is still used. Any ideas?

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It’s not clear what you’re saying is wrong with it - it’s a support question, and in the support forum as far as I can tell?

Hi There,

You might have posted it under General forum. It should be on Support forum.
From that image, it seems that you have added the header folder inside global folder. Header folder should be inside views folder along with global folder. Correct location of the file should be:

Hope this helps.

OK, thanks, that solution worked!

Thanks for the heads up - it does say “Forum / Themeco / Support”:

You’re most welcome.

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