Editing Video Size when Using Classic Video Player Element

Can Anyone Help Me Navigate How to Modify the Size of The Classic Video Player?

Hi there,

The options are limited to the Classic Video element and you can not change the size. I suggest that you use the Video element instead.

I wonder why you want to use the Classic element? If you have a problem using the Video element please get back to us with the reason and we may be able to help you. If you need a shortcode representation of the element to use in different sections of the website I suggest that you add the new Video element as a Global Block and use the Global Block shortcode in the website.

Thank you.

I like the classic element since it is easy to overlay the video with an image like a cover instead of having a video that doesn’t have a nice image at the beginning of the video

You can do the same by adding the Poster Image in the Video element. Would you please get back to us with the URL/User/Pass of your website using a Secure Note and create a test page with your classic player in?

I want to check the case and give you the equivalent of the Video element, meanwhile, tell me how you want to change the size of the video.

Thank you.

I have used classic player extremely frequently so if I can change the size of the videos to no bigger than 500 x 500 classic video box size that would be wonderful. I did not thing I would run into this problem


You can try adding a max-width in the style field of your classic video element.

Hope that helps.

I can’t click on the image to see how you wrote it

image is too small

Hey Sam,

It’s max-width:500px. Add margin:auto if you wish to center.

Just note that you will be doing this to each of your videos so I’d recommend you use the new Video element going forward because on top of more options without doing custom CSS, you will be missing the Element Defaults which is part of the Template Manager.

The screenshot below shows that the same style was achieved without using custom CSS.

Hope that helps.

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