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Hi All,

Can u please tell me how I edit the headers and footers in the code base of the theme as I have some manual bits of code I want to hack in place.



Hey Allan,

First, please familiarize yourself with the Best Practices in customizing X and also the Actions and Filters available in the theme. There’s more articles in our Knowledge Base.

Now for your question, please tell us what you want to achieve specifically so we could give you a tailored answer.

If you simply want to add code to the Header and Footer, you don’t need to customize the theme. You can follow this guide in this article.

Hope that helps.

Hi Christian,

Thanks, this was really helpful and worked perfectly however it turns out I need a bit more help… I hope this is ok.

My website is www.workio.co - at the bottom of the page is a widget are with 4 footer navigation sections. Above them on most, but not all of the pages, is a section that says “Interested in the Cutting Edge” currently this is added on each page as a content block via cornerstone which makes updating very tedious. What I would love to do is include the code for this content block in the footer section such that it appears on every page and I only have to edit it once. This is why I was asking to add to the footer, but the code you gave me goes in right at the very bottom - sorry for this.

I think what I need to do is add the code just before the footer widget area but after the main body of the content which is controlled in cornerstone.

Does this make sense? Any tips very much appreciated.



Hi Allan,

All you need is on the documentation provided by Christian, unfortunately, we can not provide support for template customization.

Here’s another path for you instead. Utilize the Global Blocks features. Create that “Interested in the cutting edge?” section as a Global Blocks. (see X > Global Blocks)

Yes, you do still need put a section on the bottom of your page, but you just need to Remove Spacing of that section and place the Global Block element in there.

After that, you’ll have your “Interested in the cutting edge?” section in one place to edit.

Hope it helps,

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