Edit Cornerstone Partial for Search Overlay in Header

Hey there,

I’d like to edit the modal Search form. I found where it lives:

I attempted to do the usual - create that folder structure in my pro-child folder (pro-child/cornerstone/includes/views/partials/search.php) but that didn’t work. Any way to override this template in my child theme?

I basically just want to switch out the search magnifiying glass Submit button to actual Submit text that I can edit styles for. I know I could just use CSS to hide the SVG submit and UNHIDE the “visually-hidden” text but that’s not a clean implementation and doesn’t allow me to change the Submit text unless I use JS.


Hello Matt,

Thanks for writing in!

Modifying one file in an element will not work. You will have to duplicate it and make your own search element instead. You can check out this knowledge base article to know ow to create a new search element:

Hope this helps.

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