Edit Blog Page?

I’ve read a few places on the forum that it’s not possible to edit the blog page and just want to verify this is the case. I know I can edit some features on /blog via the Theme Options, but I’m sorta surprised there isnt a way within cornerstone to edit more. I’d like to add category buttons above the masonry tiles, but obviously cant access /blog via cornerstone.

Am I missing something obvious here? Is there really not a way to edit /blog via cornerstone?

Hey @asgjr,

Regretfully, that is correct. Cornerstone is a content builder and the blog page does not have a content area.

If you need more blog post display options, you can use one of the bundled grid plugins for now. Please see the items below:

I just like to let you know that with the planned Layout Builder, you will be able to build your own single and archive page designs. You can read more about our plans in our News Archive.


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