Easy question, why is this so hard?

Hi, i have around a dozen licences, but have only recently started using the V2 elements.

How do I easily add heading styling to my headings. I insert a heading, and then select H2, and nothing changes, in fact if I change to H1, H2, H3 etc, nothing changes.

Do i need to manually set every single heading I insert?

I’ve just noticed now that I can save a template. This solves one issue. But If I then saved something like “H2 Standard” how would i then go and change the colour of all instances of “H2 Standard” throughout the site?

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You can use the preset feature to apply a heading style that is color, font, size etc, to all of your heading you want.
Just create a heading element style you like and save the style as Preset with a name.

You can now apply the preset to any other heading in the site.

To know about Preset you can refer to Template manager article,

Hope this helps!

Hi, thank you, and how do you then make a change to all headings of a particular style? ie- update the colour of all H2 headings. Cheers

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Unfortunately there is no option to edit the Preset which will affect to all element automatically.
To achieve this you need to change a heading and create a Preset again, apply to all other heading you want.

I noted you feedback and will share with our leadership team for a future consideration!


Thanks. But I am still wondering what I am doing wrong here and why heading management is so difficult?

Where are the “base” heading sizes? I’ve attached two images, When set at h1 2.2em, the heading appears smaller that the heading I have set to h2 1.5em.

I assume it is getting the sizing from the same place as the classic elements? Can these be adjusted? if so where?


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Thanks for the details and screenshot.

Can you please check the TEXT FORMAT section. It might have differences in size.

If that doesn’t help Please send us your website details in a secure note so that we can have look.


thanks, what is the different between setup - ‘base font size and tag’ and text format font size? And how should I be using them? is there detailed documentation for this?

I find the new X theme really unintuitive, I hope it improves.

Hi nathgrech,

The base font size will be used as a base for all the child elements inside this parent element, some elements might contain different text elements in which you can set their font size with any relative unit like “REM, %” so you can just change the base font size to get all these child elements fonts changed at once. This might not be visible in Heading Element specifically, but it’s useful in other elements.


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