Dynamic content to PRO theme?

Both Elementor and now Divi launched dynamic content and building templates with ACF. Elementor use theme builder and you can build templates in a dynamic way instead of static. It feels like theme.co is way behind those two competitors all the time.

And enable us to create templates for single.php like elementor would be very good so the template can be selected within wordpress template drop down. So that we move away from static content to dynamic that can be built for scale.

This is really the future of building websites to take them from static to dynamic. Any plans from your end??

Hey Mike,

Thanks for your feedback. ACF Pro already has a certain degree of integration in X, Cornerstone and Pro.

We do understand that it’s not as streamlined as other builders. Though I currently see no plans for single template builder, I believe our development team is aware of competitor features but to be sure, I will post this as feature request.

The current plan we have now is the Layout Builder. You can see more details at https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/status-report-july-31-2018/39909.

I will make this post private because it has explicit details about competing products which is against one of our rules listed in the Community Guidelines at https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/community-guidelines/5

Thank you for understanding.

Many thanks for the quick answer. I seen the ACF PRO guide but I wonder how I can display a certain fields form one pages ACF field on another page. ACF has a feature for it to do with page-id, is this integrated in your short code version?


Yes it’s a shame we can not use page builder on posts/archive! :wink:

Yes sure make this private :slight_smile: but I think dynamic content is very very valuable and you should really show the developers those two videos to show how it help users create dynamic content instead of static.

You can use ACF Pro’s shortcode to get the a field from another post.

Please stay tuned for updates.


Nice! So you recommend us using ACF’s shortcodes [acf field="content_field" post_id="137"] before cornerstones: {{acf:content_field_id137}} since it’s more flexible and works perfectly with PRO?

I also tried to fetch the image block to display with alt text how would I do that with the shortcodes? Right Now i’m forced to output ACF shortcode in a src img tag and ACF text field in the alt tag of the img tag.

And how can I use the url/link to insert in a button url field: https://tppr.me/VUUNX

Or do I need to use a theme button shortcode? {{acf:field_link}} works if I create my own button and use the cornerstone version to output the url, but with {{acf:}} I can not use the page-id?

Hi Mike,

Yes, please use the shortcode but I did check the format {{acf:content_field_id137}} and it works just fine. But you should able to use at least one of the format.

And please check this https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/integrated-plugins-acf-pro/49. You could only output plain text with that shortcode, gallery and images aren’t possible.

So yes, you would need to save URL on the field and use it for the src and href of the actual <img> or <a>. Just for plain text.


Does not work for me, can you show me it worked for you within a href tag?
<a class="btn" href="{{acf:content_field_id390}}" target="_blank">click</a>

With the {{acf:}} ? but how about ACF’s shortcodes? Can I output full image src? If so please show me.

Yes it works as an alternative options but best would be if it could fetch image and the alt tag is fetched from the media library.

Hi @bracas,

Yes, don’t use that and use the shortcode instead. I just said it was working on my installation so I can’t really tell if it’s a bug.

Like this

<a class="btn" href="[acf field="content_field" post_id="390"]" target="_blank">click</a>

Yes, it should output full image src since it’s just a plain text. The same goes on how you created that link, example,

<img src="[acf field="content_field" post_id="390"]">

And it can’t fetch alt tag since it’s not connected to the media library. The custom field is simply storing the text added to it which happens to be a URL. Hence, the solution would be adding a custom field for image URL, for alt text, and so on. Then use ACF to pull that stored information.


Ok I will try this as @Incognito thanks!

Hi Rad,

Thanks for all help so far, but the first example is already tried and does not work see how the href link becomes in the frontend: https://tppr.me/D8dTU

Neither does this work for me.

Ok It seems like I have to stick to my solution by adding a text field into the alt tag as well.

ACF bracket shortcodes seems to never work wrapped into a html tag like that, does that really works for you?

Hi Mike,

Yes, it works just fine. And based on your screenshot, seems like ACF plugin is not active. Would you mind providing the site’s URL and admin login credentials in the secure note? And if possible, the page you’re currently working on with this issue.

I like to check and compare it on my setup.