Dynamic Content for ACF (Advanced custom fields)

I’ve been scouring looking for a simple solution to importing ACF content into PRO designed pages. No luck. I finally found a solution, but it involves not using PRO. Elementor Pro has works very similarly to PRO and allows fields to be dynamically imported from ACF without the need for an additional plugin. Now, I really need to use this for one site I’m building now, but the feature could be a game change. It might involve me leaving PRO for future projects. Is there anything on the horizon for this feature? I’m sure you have to have heard of this since they are pretty similar to you. I’m sure you’ve spawned a good amount of competitors. I’d love to sick with PRO forever, but this is a must since I know about it now.

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Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! If most of your custom fields content is just simple text, you can display the ACF fields on a page created with the Pro editor by insert a shortcode. For example, you insert a text element and have this shortcode; {{acf:field_name}} as the content. The text element will display whatever is the contents of the field name. For more details how you can make use of the ACF Pro in the theme, please check out: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/integrated-plugins-acf-pro/49

Hope this helps.

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