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Hi there,
On my site, deepergreenconsulting.com, I’m having an issue with the menus in the header builder.

I’d like to have the top level items clickable if you click on the menu item, i.e. services, but if you click on the icon, that will get you into the submenu. This is how it works with the regular menu and I can’t figure out how to make it work with the header builder. So for example, if you click on Services on mobile, it would take you to the services page, but if you click on the dropdown icon, then it will show the submenu.

If I were to have to use the regular menu, how could I add a phone number to the navbar that isn’t part of the menu? I’d like for the phone to be visible even when viewed on mobile.

Thanks for the help!

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, please reconstruct your header, create a bar with 3 containers, 1 container for the logo, 1 for the navigation bar, and 1 container for the contact number.

Then you can set that first bar’s wrap children option enable. So the container will stack to each other when there is not enough room for the 3 of them.

Using Flexbox

Or you can hide the desktop (first) bar completely, and create a new bar for mobile view. You can do this by utilizing the Hide During Breakpoints feature.

Hide During Breakpoints

Hope it helps,

Hey Friech,
Thanks for the help but I don’t think you quite got what I was saying.

I have the menu built as you specified with different containers for mobile and desktop versions of the logo, nav and CTA.

What I’m really looking to figure out is how to have the top level parts of the menu, Services and Assessments, take you to those pages when you click on them, and not open the next level of the menu. But when you click on the right arrow, that it would then open up the next level of the menu.

This is how it works on the regular menu and another site I have built with X, Filanthrope.org. I attached a screenshot. You can click on Ethos & Community Projects, or you can open the dropdown. How can I achieve that on this menu?

Thanks for the help!

Hello There,

Sorry for the confusion and thank you for the clarifications.
To resolve your issue, please make sure that you have enabled the sub menu trigger as “Anchor” and not as sub indicator.

Hope this helps.

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