Documentation download link is not working

Hello Guys,

I just bought a license for the pro theme and i was looking for a detailed documentation about how to use the different options of this product, i found after looking for lots of topics a portable PDF download link but the link is broken, could you please help me out with this? (Not working the links inside)


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Hello @Gonzales,

Thanks for writing in!

It seems that the download link is indeed broken. I will report this on our issue tracker. In the mean while you can visit our knowledgebase to get started:


Thanks for your answer, i will be waiting for the fixed link.

A recomendation for someone who is not a english native speaker and also someone who needs mobility to do things, you should add a copy of the documentation (PDF version) in the download of the theme. It will make things easier and also you could add some of the common links people should read.


Hi there,

Noted that, but knowledge base and information could change anytime. Adding static content as PDF along with the theme may only create more confusions, but yes, we may able to consider this.


Please consider this option, the main reason is that there is no basic guide where to read for someone who is new in apex so i am confused right now where to start. There should be a sticky guide which is updated with basic guide and principles.

Noted, thanks!

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