Div with href and some first impression rigidity


So i want to have a four-column row, on each column to be a div, wrapped by an “a” with photos and text inside.

This would be an example of a column element, in which no matter where i click, to be redirected on a specific page of my chioce.

How can i completely change the header with cornerstone, is there some complete guide? it seems so stiff to work with it.
How to deal with this two issues in cornerstone ?

Also, how can i remove the annoying blue revolution slider background on slider revolution? Repeating the image, or just changing the color would be perfect.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Alexandru,

Thank you for writing in, no you can’t make the entire column as a link (unless you use a custom script), please make your image and/or headline the link instead, the image has the link option and headline can be wrap with the anchor tag.

Do you mean the Headline element? Please inspect the element and you’ll see the available options for it. Please go thru to each of the documentation below to know how the Cornerstone works.

Cornerstone / Content Builder - Interface Introduction
Cornerstone / Content Builder - Layout
Cornerstone / Content Builder - Elements
Cornerstone / Content Builder - Inspector

That blue background is a background of the section (not part of the slider), please open your page in Cornerstone inspect the section where the slider is placed and check its background setup, you can change that to background-image or background-color.

Hope it helps,

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Thank you @friech !

Good info, it would have been nice for those functionalitites to be included. But it’s not bad either way.

One more thing… Do you have some tutorial for header modification?
I’ve been looking around, read the docs, but nothing permits fully changing the header. Couldn’t even change it’s color :0

I appreciate what you do for us, and I’m waiting for your reply :slight_smile:

Hello Alexandru,

With X theme, you can only modify some parts of the header. You can change the background color in X > Theme Options > {your stack} (if your stack permits it). And then you can re position the logo to be inline or stacked with the navigation in X > Theme Options > Header > Navbar. This is also where you can add the logo image and change the colors of the menu items.

If you want to have a full control or create a totally new header and even a footer layout, that would only be possible with Pro theme. For more details about Pro theme, you can check this out:

Hoe this helps.

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