Display tagline, move social media icons

I would like for my site http://www.greatcreditclass.com/ (Integrity stack) to show a tagline. I would also like to move the social media icons to the top right of the page as shown in this screengrab.


Thanks for writing in! To make any adjustments to your theme, you will first need to setup a child theme. Once you have that in place, you’ll need to look into overwriting the appropriate view in your child theme to add the tagline where you want (we have an extensive article on this in our Knowledge Base that you will want to check out regarding further customizations you may wish to make).

For this particular instance, you will likely want to be making some updates to the _navbar.php view. You can find views in a couple places depending on what you’re working on:

  1. /framework/views/ – This is the first place you will want to look when wanting to overwrite anything in a child theme. Most all views are kept here in the theme.
  2. /framework/legacy/*/ – The legacy directory is used as a place to store functionality and templates that are still in use for X, but are substituted out at times if converting to Pro down the road. The * symbol represents any number of folders you may have to look into to find a /views/ directory within.

When you have found the view you want to update, you need to copy it over to your child theme into a /framework/ directory, and then copy the exact path starting with /views/. So, even though the view we’re wanting to update is in the /legacy/ directory, we will still place it in the following path in our child theme:


This is because the _navbar.php view we want to overwrite can currently be found at /framework/legacy/cranium/headers/views/global/_navbar.php, so we essentially omit the /legacy/cranium/headers/ part in the middle. X’s view system will dynammically know how to handle this content as long as you always copy the correct path starting with /framework/views/.

Once that file is copied over to the path mentioned above in your child theme, X will now load that version instead of our core theme version. You are now safe to make any edits you wish to your child theme version and place content where you need.

Please keep in mind that the headers in X are quite dynamic and change greatly depending on the options you select. Because of this, we do not recommend making large adjustments to this area, and cannot assist with extensive CSS updates to this area. Making updates to this area must be done on your own and we cannot assist in the troubleshooting of any issues that arise from customizations made to this portion of the theme (similarly with your social icons, we cannot assist directly, but some custom CSS in your child theme should help you be able to position them as needed).

You should have enough information to get you going in the right direction now. Thanks for writing in, and don’t forget to check out the Knowledge Base for more in depth information on all of these subjects. Cheers!

Prior to the X theme “upgrade,” this was all possible through a little CSS. Now I am being told I have to spend hours adding the features you took out. I might as well make my own theme and not even bother purchasing the X. Bear in mind that I recommend the theme to my clients all the time but will no longer be able to do so if I cannot modify standard items without making a child theme.

Please advise on how to correct these issues ASAP.



X has never output a “tagline” beneath the logo in the navbar. If you want to place a tagline using the theme’s built in features, you could make it part of an image to upload as one logo and that will all be output together without the need for any modifications, but your image indicated that you wished to add a separate element that has never been present in X, so that would require a child theme.

Additionally, you can certainly update the positioning of the icons with a little CSS, but since your site is in maintenance mode, I cannot see what is pushing them down. By default, the icons and text in the topbar should appear inline with one another, and then on a smaller screen they are stacked on top of one another and should be centered. The fact that yours are not indicates that either a prior customization of yours is not allowing this to take effect, or your theme has not updated properly. However, I am unable to tell any of this while your site is in maintenance mode.

Any sort of update to any WordPress theme, whether they are template updates or minor CSS changes must always be made in a child theme as updating core files will result in your changes getting overwritten whenever you update your products.

I can send a login if it will help.

Hi again,

Please provide us with your login credentials as a secure note so we can take a look.

Thank you!

Secure note sent with requested info.

Hello There,

Thanks for providing the information.

Do you want something like this?

If that is the case, you can make use of this nifty css:

.masthead-stacked .x-brand.text:after {
    content: "How to get (and keep) great credit";
    display: block;
    font-size: 17px;

The social icons on the other hand were being pushed down because of the invalid html code you have inserted in your topbar content. Please have it updated and make use of this code instead:

<strong><span style="font-size: 14px;">Subscribe: Never miss a new video</span></strong>

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Thanks, will give this code a try.

You’re welcome.

Thanks, that worked. Feel free to close the ticket.

Glad we could help.


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